reframing mental illness: affirmations of hope

By Alice Holstein, Ed.D.

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When you change your mind about something, new worlds of possibility open. Creative directions are pursued. Situations or people become transformed.

Reframing Mental Illness does this, helping people find wholeness when they redefine their experiences. The stigma of being damaged goods, or of bearing major or minor suffering, become a hero’s journey of tests and trials, seen anew as lessons and gifts.

The result is renewed self-esteem and the motivation to pursue healthy habits. Healing occurs. This does not mean an absence of medication or being cured. It can mean, however, renewal and the freedom to build a fulfilling life.

The book accomplishes this through 160 vignettes from the author’s experience, each accompanied by several reflection questions. The reader is encouraged to consider these over time, journaling, or exploring other reflective methods to uncover healing insights. Powerful, transformative results are the reward.

The book is also useful for understanding what dealing with a severe mental illness involves. Those accompanying others who suffer can thus more wisely help loved ones recover.

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