bold solutions for ending war:


bold solutions for ending war: healing our wounds

Developed By Alice Holstein, Ed.D. April-July 2017

Bold Solutions for Ending War: Healing Our Wounds emerged after I was galvanized by the U.S. 2016 election returns. Turning inward, I asked, “What does this mean to me and what can I do to make a difference”? My answer, being a writer and futurist, was that I have the power of the pen. I began to churn with ideas for a book of essays, one of which was “Bold Solutions.” It embodies a vision of global healing and transformation that would be activated by a 3-day globally publicized event featuring experts who can teach and inspire us about how to heal ourselves. (Click link for pdf file for a listing of potential participants.) My writing efforts were hastened by watching Rachel Maddow’s April 19, 2017 episode showing N. Korean missiles blasting into space, then a nuclear type cloud over what looked like San Francisco. An American flag flew in the background. I also heard and saw in the news the saber rattling between N. Korea and the U.S. Deep alarm filled me. Another reason to propose this idea is the fact that we are spending ourselves into oblivion with out-of-control war and defense expenses that prevent us from solving poverty, healthcare, environmental and many other problems.

On January 21, 2017the Women’s March also encouraged me to proceed with my writing. Inspired by watching YOUTUBE coverage for 5 hours convinced me that this was “women rising” at last, a consciousness shift of women saying NO to the excesses of the patriarchy. It also indicated that a much broader, deeper global shift in consciousness is occurring. For every woman, man and child who marched there were hundreds if not thousands activated to new levels of democratic involvement. There were an estimated 3.5 million U.S. marchers and another several million around the world. And behind all this was a grandmother who sent a simple Facebook message, “let’s march.” The rest is history, and it has inspired many like me to take action even though the mass protest appears to have had no concrete follow-ups. There are thousands and thousands of actions, however, underneath the radar of the daily news. I am thus convinced that a worldwide shift in consciousness is gathering force.

This vision, of a global educational event about how to heal ourselves, can plant seeds for beginning to think much differently about the persistence of war. Such a possibility picture can help us understand the underlying causes of war as well as the considerable healing methods available to reverse our centuries-long cycles of violence. Just as the Women’s March unleashed untold acts of citizen action and democratic involvement, so too can a global forum foster the outbreak of millions of healing initiatives. Implementing such an event could be done by an appropriate foundation.

The resulting shift in consciousness would be profound. When a critical mass shifts, the whole world can shift gears. The Berlin Wall fell in 1989 after a mass outcry, thereby triggering a move toward democracy throughout Europe. A similar but even more massive shift of global proportions can ignite the planetary shift required to plant the seeds about ending war in our lifetimes. While this view may be considered naïve by some, substantive change starts with a new worldview. A global vision of transformation is more powerful than the evil ones of death and destruction. It is the power of love and healing. We must pursue this possible dream. (Click link for pdf file for potential participants.)